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Joe and Connie's Pond

Meet our friends Connie and Joe. Joe is typical old school (retired Special Forces) and will do just about anything for Connie. Connie decided she wanted a fish pond in the yard. So Joe gathers the rocks, grabs a shovel and digs the heart shaped pond that she described.

Connie became concerned that the fish wouldn't have enough swimming room, so she asks Joe to extend pond off to the side from the middle creating a long run, plenty of room to swim. Joe kinda chuckles to himself, grabs the shovel and makes a long canal for the fish, just as Connie wanted.

Then Joe finishes the liner, cements the rock in place and lets things dry. In a couple of days, still chuckling to himself he adds the water and fish. Connie then invites friends over for beer and to see her new pond that Joe made for her. All the sudden one of her friends starts laughing "OMG, it's a penis! You made a penis pond!".

Joe sits back and chuckles.... while Connie turns twenty shades of red. Connie turns to Joe "You knew it all the time!" Joe laughing "Just doing what you asked babe."

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