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Something Wicked This Way Comes

When I lived in Scotland, I was riding down an unlit highway on a very dark, cloudy night, in the middle of nowhere, in heavy rain, as usual, and I noticed something odd in front of me. At the time I remember thinking that what I saw was the ground moving erratically in front of me, it just did not look right to me at all...At this point I'd like to point out I was perfectly sober! I slowed my bike down some, only to see out of the darkness a very large herd of cows running towards me...FAST.


There was nowhere to turn, due to the center barrier, no time to turn around and head back the wrong way...or just get off the highway, due to the side barriers,...NOTHING. I was penned in, and so were the cows. Suddenly it was like I was running with the bulls...only head on into them, on a motorcycle. I came to an immediate stop, as well as I could on the wet road, immediately planted my feet on the ground, but, trying to tuck them as far under the bike without losing balance, so they would not get trampled on. My head crouched down...front brakes full on. I was then jostled around by the cows for what seemed like an eternity...I was at that time thankful for the enforced helmet wearing law, and very glad I was wearing one. I was tucked behind my bike's fairing, which gave me some protection as the cows rattled me from side to side as they passed by, separated by the width of my bike. Thankfully, not that much damage was done to me, or my bike...and, obviously, I lived to tell the tale! :)

Tim McGowan

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