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A New Passion for Riding After BMW

It all started when My Girlfriend Laurel came into my life.  She is  a biker herself but not at all a BMW rider.  She stated once to me that you are going to have to make a change on what you ride if you want this relationship to work.  I thought for a while and asked her does  that  mean I have to change bikes for our relationship to evolve.  She said, well I am not riding on that thing.


Laurel wanted to go to Charleston S.C. for a long weekend to show me around because  she spent 6 years there going to college.  I immediately said, “Yes, but lets ride on the BMW”.  She agreed to ride it to Savannah Harley  Davidson and then she would rent a Road King for herself. So, we left on a Thursday night on the BMW and woke up the next morning to find that out that Laurel’s bike would be an 09 Road King Classic right out of the box.  I felt a little intimidated because I was not knowledgable of Harley’s  history.  I was making fun of her and kidding around about the Harley and it’s nostalgic looks.  Laurel paid no attention to my smart comments and took delivery of the motorcycle for our 4 day weekend.  Once on the road she pulls over and gets off the bike to restablish her confidence with no one else looking on.  I pulled up behind her and asked her if I could take the road King for a little test ride. I have not ever been on a machine of this nature.  She laughed and said, “you may get bit by the bug”. I said, “ nonsense”.  


I took it for a little ride and started to feel very comfortable.  I continued to ride it all throughout the weekend, and felt such excitement and pride to be on such an American muscle machine.  I started to fall in love with the bike.  After such a great sunny, warm and enjoyable weekend we had to return the Harley back to Savannah Harley Davidson and say goodbye to it.


Once back on the BMW and Laurel right behind me on the back seat I started to go a little faster riding home.  Laurel asked me, “ Why are you going so fast?”   I said,  “ I want to get home and trade this  BMW in for a Road King Classic”.  “Well then,” she said, “what the hell are you waiting for, lets go faster”.  We made it down to the dealership just in time to spare a few hours and talked to them about the trade in and made the deal right then and there, two days later we became the proud owners of my first Harley Davidson.


After a few months and 5000 miles later I got the itch for a bigger beast. Harley was in my Blood now and all I think about is riding  all the time.  


During one of my visits to the dealership, I noticed a 2007 Ultra Classic Screaming Eagle,  and went over and sat on it.  I said to myself, “I  should not be doing this”.  I then brought Laurel back to the dealership and asked her what she thought about it. She pretended to be uninterested and told me that a bike like that would be many years down the road for us. Little to my knowledge, she was already working a deal with the sales associate and finding a way to get the bike for me as a surprise for Christmas. Now we are each  the proud owners of our own Harley Davidson and we ride together all the time. Funny how things come full circle. I will never forget my experiences and good times that I had with my BMW, but nothing will ever replace the feeling that I have riding down the road on my dream bike with my dream girl riding her own right next to me.


John A. Meyers Jr.


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