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Joe and Connie's Pond

Meet our friends Connie and Joe. Joe is typical old school (retired Special Forces) and will do just about anything for Connie. Connie decided she wanted a fish pond in the yard. So Joe gathers the rocks, grabs a shovel and digs the heart shaped pond that she described.

The Zen of Biking and Photography











A Personal Essay by Rick Stone, Stone Studios, Stevensville, Michigan

“Bikers”. What is this passion all about? What makes a person want to own a bike and follow that certain raw lifestyle? When it rains you get wet. When it’s cold you freeze. It’s not the most practical way to get around. But there are still millions of those who choose it. There is a company that has survived for just shy of 100 years because of the bikes and the lifestyle that they sell. They do it by building motorcycles and they are successful because people continue to want to live that lifestyle. The strange thing about “bikers” is that their interest in being photographed with their bikes is not that strong. The passion lays in the unity that they have together in believing in themselves. But if you offer a client or their kids a chance to have a portrait done with a bike, their reply is most always; “Oh, can we?”

Mike gets permission!

I had always ridden a motorcycle of some kind from age 12 to about age 23. I remember when I turned 14, many, many years ago my Dad, God rest his soul, bought me a brand new Honda 350 Four cylinder. Growing up I was always a small lad, heck I couldn’t even touch the ground with both feet on that thing but I managed to ride that sucker anyway. I eventually wound up on a Honda 750 Four while the wife and I were going to college. (AMF Voit owned Harley-Davidson at the time and I couldn’t afford a case of oil each week) We were so broke she had to take a job flippin burgers at Hardee’s while I bar tended but we still rode our bike. As a matter of fact I’d take the back streets when I’d take her to work on the bike because I didn’t want anyone to see that damn Hardee’s uniform glowing in the wind! You may remember the late 70’s, Hardee’s employees wore lime green and brown. You could not miss them in a dark alley!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

When I lived in Scotland, I was riding down an unlit highway on a very dark, cloudy night, in the middle of nowhere, in heavy rain, as usual, and I noticed something odd in front of me. At the time I remember thinking that what I saw was the ground moving erratically in front of me, it just did not look right to me at all...At this point I'd like to point out I was perfectly sober! I slowed my bike down some, only to see out of the darkness a very large herd of cows running towards me...FAST.

A New Passion for Riding After BMW

It all started when My Girlfriend Laurel came into my life.  She is  a biker herself but not at all a BMW rider.  She stated once to me that you are going to have to make a change on what you ride if you want this relationship to work.  I thought for a while and asked her does  that  mean I have to change bikes for our relationship to evolve.  She said, well I am not riding on that thing.