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Tim Robbins

I was 10 yrs old and I brought home a picture of a Suzuki Trailhopper 50 from a magazine and put it on the dinning room table for my father to see. The ad said something to the effect that let my father know that I wanted that bike. It was all that I thought about. Not long afterward, I came home from school and saw a Honda 70 sitting in the garage. My father was standing there waiting to see the expression on my face. When he told me it was mine, I became the happiest kid alive. I rode that bike everyday after school. As I got older, my bikes got bigger.

In 1986 I walked into Spirit Harley-Davidson in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, where I am from, and asked for a job selling Harleys. Bouncer, the owner hired me and I've been with the motor company ever since. I came to Jacksonville Florida and went to work selling bikes and making this my home. I started a Thursday Night Ice Cream ride and it never took off so I renamed it The Thursday Night Dinner Ride. It took off and everyone is having a great time with it. That is what prompted me to setup web page as a resource for bikers. Every time I meet a group of people for a ride, I get just as excited as I got when I saw my first motorcycle in the garage. I hope you enjoy See you on the next ride! --Tim