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Why Advertise with is the leading online biker magazine, and the only one to actively engage the biker community through local bike nights and charity events throughout the country. With low operating costs and a dedicated staff to work one on one with biker affiliated businesses, we are the right choice for your advertising dollars!

Advertising Spaces

Unlike some of our competitors, our event listings are organized by date and location, not just slapped on a page loaded with rotating and sound making banners. All of our events, babes, classifieds, and biker stories are vetted by a staffer before they go live, limiting the amount of page spam we get, while also allowing social interaction from the biker community.

What makes advertising on our site unique?

  • Limited advertising spaces, no cluttered ads
  • No flashing/pop-up/annoying ads on the site, keeping users from heading elsewhere
  • Dedicated graphic designer is able to change advertising campaigns on the fly with limited notice, keeping your ad fresh and in the faces of the biker community
  • Constant site improvements and updates to keep the look fresh in the public eye

All banner and Biker Business Directory listings are hosted on a dedicated server, so for those without a website or other web address, we allow and encourage you to use your Biker Business Directory Listing, or you can use the site for biker specific campaigns and information.

Visitors utilizes real time analytic tracking and quarterly demographics surveys to keep an ear to the ground regarding our users. We know who visits our site, where they are from, when they do it, where they go, and how long they spend on the site. Knowing our viewers means knowing your customers, and we know where to get the most bang for your advertising buck. If you don't know that information for all of your advertising, you're not getting your monies worth!

Our quarterly demographics surveys cover ages and locations in a non-intrusive manner. Combined with our Facebook users survey, this gives you a big picture of who you can sell to. Here's our latest age range survey*:

*Survey End Q1 2012

Visitors Overview

In the past 3 months, we've had over 27,000 pages visited. The users are from all 50 states, and 87 different countries! The average user spends a little under 5 minutes on these site, so that is a very captive audience for you to connect with.

Our most visited pages are

  1. Babes
  2. Rides and Bike Nights
  3. Videos
  4. Bikes

We allow direct sponsorship and advertising on those categories, and of course our site wide national sponsorship will get your name and message on all of those pages combined. If you want to know more about advertising specific content or pages, please contact your sales representative,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Email Marketing

How many people read your company newsletter? Your current clients? A few hundred people? has thousands of email contacts for it's weekly newsletter, and every one of them are eager to see us every Monday morning. Every package we sell includes introduction in the weekly newsletter, a little about you company, and link to your personal page on our site. Specials, coupons, detailed information about your company just a click away, and we put you there. Pretty nice, huh?

Social Interaction

We actively maintain a Facebook page and work with other biker community sites to promote the latest news and events. We also actively drive people to our site via linked and shared content, including advertising specials and events. These campaigns can be tailored to your company in general or to specific sales and promotions. Check us out and see what kind of effect we have on social bikers!

We would love to work with you in creating and promoting your biker friendly business. Contact us today to learn more!